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testimonialsGill, James & Jake, UK 1st Sept 2006

To live in Italy has been an ambition of mine, for more than a few years. When I turned 30, I decided to make it a reality … well it has not been quick, cheap or without incident but I'm sure it will be worth it, and I have certainly enjoyed the journey.

It isn't easy to find a place in Italy, even when you know where you want to live, especially when like for me, budget is a consideration. We had made a couple of house-hunting visits in this area of Liguria but to no avail, little was I to know, I once actually walked past Casedamare, but needed an ice-cream more! Well I'm a believer in fate and employed a house-hunter in England to find suitable houses to even view, one of the ones I chose was my home, that was registered with Immobiluna/ Casedamare.

I visited this house on a November afternoon, for the first time with Marco Piva and liked it immediately.

This was a short visit and in that time I saw 15 houses in all states and areas of Ponente and Levante with many different agents, but this house was the one. I was able to see it again, with Emanuela Piva just as the November sun set, and we immediately started to talk about how it could be renovated.

I realised very quickly that in addition to the house, I had also found the person I wished to project manage the work. That was nearly 2 years ago….

In the last 18 months, my first instincts have been proved right and Emanuela has managed the renovation of the first floor of my home, while I am still in England. We started with one architect and when it became obvious to both of us that he wasn't seeing our vision she dealt with cancelling his services and introduced me to an architect she had had positive results with before.

My house is rather rural but from her contacts she found 3 builders to take the work on, the quotes were given, and with her advice one was chosen and a contract agreed. Due to outstandingly wet weather, this winter the work was delayed until spring but his work is of a superb standard and my ruin is becoming a home.

We still have bits to finish but now I am just intent to be there for the 18 months residency rule, even with a few restricted creature comforts.

I will use her assistance and expertise in Phases 2 (the renovation of the stables downstairs into a kitchen and dining area) and 3 (the land), after I have moved in.

I have been very fortunate to find someone, trustworthy and compatible to my vision of how my home should look.

Her ideas and attention to detail have made this the home I have worked for, for so long.

She also uses her expertise and knowledge of the renovation and building work in the area to give you an unbiased view of what is realistic in terms of budget and timing!! I have previously renovated in England but it is different there, some things are more difficult or costly and some cheaper, or easier.

I would say that without her this work would not have been possible and my dream house would still be just that, a dream Thank you, Emy.


Sandra and Chris Millican, UK

We have been doing business with Ms Piva since 2003 when she helped us buy our house in Italy, including negotiating with a tenant to make sure that we had vacant possession.

She made the process so much easier that we had imagined. Since then she has been helping us through the restoration process.

Her guidance through the local processes and in dealing with the contractors and Geometra has been invaluable. We have found her to be trustworthy and reliable would have no hesitation in employing Ms Piva in the future, and have been pleased to recommendher to others.


Clíona O'Flanagan , Ireland August 2006

From early 2006, I had been a frequent visitor to the web site of Casedamare &Immbiluna as part of my research into buying a holiday home in Lunigiana, and on St. Patrick's Day - March 17th 2006 - my husband went to Italy to view a number of houses. The final appointment he had before returning to the airport was with Emanuela Piva of Casedamare&Immobiluna to view a little house in Marciaso.

The appointment went very well. Emanuela speaks impeccable English ( and German), and provided Páraic with a clear translation of all the vendors had to say. Two weeks later, Páraic and I both flew to see the Marciaso house, and I was as captivated by it as he.

On July 4th 2006, just 3 months later, we signed the 'rogito', and the lovely Marciaso house became ours.

At the beginning of the search, we were full of trepidation.While I speak some Italian, my husband and I were nervous of the ramifications of buying a house in foreign country. It is a process fraught with difficulty here in Ireland where distance and language are not an issue!
However, during that three months, Emanuela worked efficiently, calmly, helpfully, and organised every detail for us. For example, when the Irish banks were slow in making a commitment to a mortgage on a foreign property, Emanuela was, within days able to get us in touch with an Italian bank, who in turn gave us verbal mortgage approval within hours of receiving faxes of the necessary paper work!

She contacted a surveyer, arranged a survey, translated the findings of the survey, dealt with the legalities, met my husband and escorted him to the Banca Toscana to open an account, and as the bank personnel had not a word of English, acted as translator long after her obligations to us were finished.
Casedamare&Immobiluna is a highly professional family run business.

The agency is genuinely there to help, and, in our experience, does not put the client under pressure to buy.Their web-site is easy to negotiate, and very clear.

When we were in Italy getting settled into our house, Emanuela and her parents at the agency, were always happy to deal with our little queries vis-a-vis shopping, gardening etc. We feel happy to recommend this agency to anyone considering purchasing a property in this area.


Julie and Gary Salter from UK, August 2006

We met Emanuela at "Viva Italia" exhibition in 2005. We found her to be easy to talk to. Having discussed our requirements we arranged a viewing trip to Sarzana and surrounding area.
Immobiluna&Casedamare were able to offer us a varied range of properties within our budget.
We decided upon our apartment and then all matters were handed back to Emanuela who ensured a smooth purchase. Her help with all matters whether big or small was, and still is invaluable.
Our apartment is now freshly decorated and the furniture purchased (with Emanuela's help!) has been delivered and we are enjoying our time in this beautiful area.
The team at Immobiluna&Casedamare offer professional and friendly service and we cannot recommend them highly enough.


Rolf Agren, Sweden August 2006

Buying a house in your own country can be a thrilling event, buying one in Italy can be scary.

I can not speak the language, I do not know the local conditions or the legislation. Maybe crazy to go about it, definitively a project that keeps you awake.

Without having a local agent like Emanuela that you trust holding your hand this would not have happened. I have been impressed to see her handle all the practicalities around getting this done.


Alan&Carole Church, UK August 2006

Emanuela Piva was invaluable in maanging the project to install central heating in our house in Tuscany.

From sourcing heating contractors and helping us via the Net to select the most suitable option for heating, to ensuring the necessary approvals were in place and finally overseeing and approving the work itself; her guidance and patience made a potentially difficult project very simple. We'll use Emanuela's professional services again if we ever need help.



Phyllis and Joe Kohler - Minneapolis, Minnesota USA

Our experience in purchasing and owning our house in Italy has been fantastic.

The house is quite old in a medieval village on a high hill with the view from our terrace overlooking the Sea.

We began this adventure as inexperienced Americans who had never before owned real estate outside of the United States.

Thanks to the very professional and multilingual skills of Emanuela Piva and her two offices Casademare and Imobiluna, the purchase of the property and the tasks related to continued ownership have been without problems and a pleasant experience. I no longer have any fears about owning property 5,000 miles away. We consider Emanuela to be a dear friend who has helped us tremendously.

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