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This land with its hospices for wayfarers was watched over by an impressive series of castles: there are still more than one hundred. Some are no more than fascinating ruins that indicate, from the hilltops, the oldest routes followed by the roads along the ridge. Others have been given a new lease of life, restored by private enterprise or by public administration: at Pontremoli the Piagnaro is the home of the Museum of Statues and Steles (the prehistoric idols carved in the stone by the Ligurian-Apuan peoples that fascinated Henry Moore); at Aulla the fortress built by Giovanni dalle Bande Nere houses the Museum of Natural History.

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Situated between Tuscany and Liguria, even if geographically isolated, it has always been a land of passage crossed by one of the most important and crowded medieval route of pilgrimage, that is the Via Francigena. Lunigiana is called after the Roman colony of Luni and has assimilated, during its secular history, very different dialects and traditions, in part Ligurian, Tuscan, and Emilian.

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The result is an original and fascinating culture, rich in folklore, images, colours, and unusual tastes.Lunigiana is famous for its cuisine . in every restaurants we can try the local specialities , from testaroli to vegetable pies, from lamb to dishes with boletus mushrooms and cakes made of chestnut flour. The wines are exellent, tasty and delicate made from old vines that have been carefully selected over the centuries. The honey and forestfruits must be not missed.


Val di Magra   Golfo dei Poeti
Val di Magra
The Val di Magra and its important historical and tourist Centers...
  Golfo dei Poeti
The Gulf of the Poets. From centuries ispiration passage of artists...
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Cinque Terre  
Le Cinque Terre
All over the world, one of the known mozzafiato localities more. The characteristics of the landscape, the traditions, the products....
The Lunigiana, 'land of the moon'...
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