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Le Cinque Terre e dintorni

The Cinque Terre are one of the most unspoilt areas of the Mediterranean and one of the most extended areas in Liguria. They are a kingdom of nature and wild scents maintained as in the past. To visit the Cinque Terre means to visit five fishermen's villages literaly o the cliffs and surrounded by green hills; it means to know the history of whom, for centuries, has fought against a difficult landscape. The results of this millenarian struggle are the famous terraced lots of land on the coast; they are the result of the locals work in order to be able to cultivate a land which otherwise would be to steep on the coast. The fruits of this hard work are the worldwide appriciated wine and oil.

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Walking through the many paths, the visitor is able to enjoy the view on the dry-stone walls and of the vineyard, the fishermen and their fishing nets, the steep valleys and of course the sea! The visitor in Cinque Terre is free to choose between a dive in the sea or a hike on the hills, between a walk in the narrow streets called "carruggi" or a boat trip, a pilgrimage to a sanctuary or a seafood lunch. It is a unique landscape to be experieced, no more words can describe it......

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