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Properties for sale and for rent in Sarzana and Manarola, holiday rentals in Cinque Terre.

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  • Casaoncase - Web portal for propeties for Sale, and for rent in Western Liguria

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  • Ecoturism and cruises - All our activities have a common perspective toward the sea. We consider the sea not only as an entertaining and relaxing setting, but also as a natural environment to discover, protect and preserve. Our goal is to spread aware tourism through activities that highlight the eco-compatible fruition of seas and coasts and make it possible. we particularly aim to those who look for different cruises, those who need more than a nice tan, the curious ones that want to learn new stuff on the sea and its inhabitants. We offer the ideal conditions to enjoy the sea and discover ocean bottoms. You will be sailing in the most striking areas of the Mediterranean sea and the tropical seas and be attended by highly qualified staff (skipper, scuba divers, marine biologist and enviromental guides). You will also able to give your contribution to monitoring campaigns and researches in partnership with univesities and research insitutes.
  • Golf info - Info about golf
  • The area around Sarzana - Interesting web site with various information about the area around Sarzana and the town
  • Web site about Cinque Terre and nearby p - In this web site you can find all kind of information about our area

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