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Properties for sale and for rent in Sarzana and Manarola, holiday rentals in Cinque Terre.

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The real estate agency Immobiluna & Casedamare was founded with an idea: to provide clients with the best services and professionality in order to make it as easy as possible the sale or purchase of a property.


We have two offices working according to the same policy, the only difference is given by the different geographical areas they deal with.


Immobiluna works mainly in the area around Sarzana and nearby places, the name of the agency is indeed a fusion of the word "immobili" (real estate) and "lunense" (adjective identifying the area around the ancient Roman settlement in Luni).


CasedamareThe name Casedamare is given by the 3 words which better identify the type of properties: "case" (homes), "d'amare" (to love) or "da mare" (for the sea).The agency is indeed dealing especially with holiday homes in the Park of Cinque Terre in Liguria or in the Northern part of Tuscany called Lunigiana but always keeping an eye on residential market between Sarzana and Carrara.


Since the beginning of our business in September 1997, we understood that our job was not just to show the right property to the right buyers but also to enable them to enjoy it!

ImmobilunaThat is why you will always find one person in charge to reach this goal! We find it very important to guarantee our clients that somebody will be their reference person  to be able to answer promptly to all enquiries and questions that owning a property in Italy might raise. We believe a lot in a strong individual relationship with the client.

Here our staff for you:

CasedamareWe are a family-run company and we think this adds a touch of sensitivity to our professionality in helping you through the procedure of purchasing a house.

Join us in the best adventure of your life!

Franca Casoli: owner of the company, estate agent, always a reference point in the office to provide assistance a guidance, specialised in the residential market and rents. She will always listen to your enquiries and try to find the best option for you without wasting your time.

Marco Piva: Franca’s husband, employed and involved in the company since the very first time, he is an expert of the area, always informed about local market news and ready to co-operate with other agencies by keeping in touch with them  for the local market developments to help clients in their choice.

Emanuela Piva: in charge of foreign clients. Because of her degree in Foreign Languages and Literature from University and her experience in the real estate field since 1997,  she is the best person to assist those clients who are not fluent in Italian  providing advice for  the purchase, sale and improvement to the property (see section InVilla)

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